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Swedish amateur doodler using MS Paint and a mouse. Pokémon related shenanigans may be expected, as well as the odd thing here and there. Dabbles with minature wargaming with a local gaming group, focusing on Warmachine mainly. Bringing axe to face, Khador style!

Not sure what else to add for the time being, but may expand and hoodledoodle this thing at a later time.

While I may be a bit shoddy with it when it comes to thanking for it, I do appreciate the comments, the favourites, and the watches from all of you wonderful people! I don't wanna clutter up someone's page with a lot of "thank you" shouts, but rest assured, I am happy if you find something interesting!

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Possible end to pure mouse drawings.

I keep getting either a jittery feeling by my elbow or uncomfortable warmth and chills running along my lower arm when I use the mouse too much. I think this is a pretty good sign it’s time to step down and look for something else. I’ve been messing around with a mouse and ms paint for about ten years now, but only the past five or so have been serious. Just making quick doodles start to feel uncomfortable now. Damage has been done.

I’ve ordered a tablet today. I wanna give that a try and see if I can draw with that. Might be less straining on my lower arm as a whole. I don’t wanna choose between quitting drawing or get more permanent damage or pain. It’s gonna be weird, but worth a try! So I’m gonna lay low until I start experimenting with that. Probably do some traditional doodles with a mechanical pencil if I get the itch~

I did some of that today, and it didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. In fact, it felt great! But yeah, gonna return to uploading derps when I get to experimenting with that thing.

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    of course, thanks for following me.

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    hello and welcome to team fortress 2

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    Trappy, you made it here~

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      Took me long enough, eh? :3

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    You chose to Follow me? Heh...Thanks~

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      You're welcome! You conjure up some neat stuff with your art magic. :3

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    Swedes kick ass at arts <3 also I keep reading your name as trapmagninus |3;