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I am a Therian, a wolf/horse to be exact and I am a multi-medium artist. I only take commissions for digital work currently however. I have a close group of friends who are totally awesome. I can sometimes be a little slow to update sites with my art out of pure shyness; putting my art on the internet is a big deal for me, even to this day. XD And I don't bite... Usually. >>

Feel free to note me or IM me just to say hi or whatever! I would REALLY love to make some new friends, so don't worry, I don't bite and I don't mind random conversations! Hit me up on skype whenever you like, but please remember to tell me where you're from! I block anything I suspect of being a spam bot. And don't be afraid to start the conversation. >< I tend to not pay attention to who's on skype these days.

NO ONE has permission to repost, reuse, reference, copy, modify, trace, rp with any of my artworks or characters. I give commissioners the rights to repost the artwork that I have done of their characters, but maintain a copyright over the image, not their characters. Kindly refrain from using anything of mine ever unless you are the commissioner and have been given previous permission.

All adult work will be posted here: alphamare
My mare's character account: prancingaislin
Future character account: graffitidook



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Just updating this gallery today. :) There will be a couple new things over the next couple of days as well, and overall more activity from me here.

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    Hey Akari, awesome to see you here on Weasyl! :D

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      :D Heyo! YUSH! I figured it was about time I started using this more and tracking people down on here. :) NOW I GET TO WATCH YOU TWICE! <3

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    Thanks a lot for the watch!

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    Well, hello there and thank you for the favorite and watch... ;3