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Cumulous Cats - Summer Storms by WinterSoul

Cumulous Cats - Summer Storms


Cumulous Cat Mythology:

Warm weather brings many formidable thunderstorms. A full grown Cumulous Cat, with its towering clouds resting ominously on its back, is enough to strike awe and fear into any ground dweller. Some cats are kinder than others, only bringing some soothing purrs and relieving rain to the dry earth below. But multiple cats in one territory can bring flooding or lightning furiously crashing to the ground. Hail is no laughing matter either. Hail cats are infamous for their mischievous nature, hoping to find fragile structures to throw ice at- this includes cars that couldn't find a parking space in the garage!

These cats may have wild, terrifying behaviors, but all storms have both light and dark in them, and all storms must come to an end. When the light breaks through to reveal a rainbow through the mist, and rumble-purrs are in the distance, those living below may catch a glimpse of the new life these storms sustain.

Merchandise Info:

Part 3/4 of the new Cumulous Cats. They've earned the nickname cloud "kittens" since the actual magnets are smaller than the original Cumulous Cats, (the name is more so based on the literal size). They're each around 2-2.5 inches in height and length. Size comparison.

These are now sold in sets, or "storms". Original Cumulous Cats will continued to be sold individually and are available in both sticker and magnet form.

What's included in each set:

Orange cat set:

*One quality print featuring the orange original Cumulous Cat, Whirlwind, and Gloomy.

*Orange Cumulous Cat magnet.

*Whirlwind, Gloomy, Downpour, Hurricane, and Thundersnow magnets.

White cat set:

*One quality print featuring the white original Cumulous Cat, Twister, and Foggy.

*White Cumulous Cat magnet.

*Twister, Foggy, Jack Frost, Dust Devil, and Rainbow Mist magnets.

Blue cat set:

*One quality print featuring the blue original Cumulous Cat, Lightning, and Hail.

*Blue Cumulous Cat magnet.

*Lightning, Hail, Snowflake (Lumi), Wildfire, and Blizzard magnets.

Where to get your own thunderstorm:

Morning Storm


Sunset Storm

Other Cloud Cats

Wild Winds

Frosty Felines

Autumn Air


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    These kitties make me think of descendants of Raikou in the best of ways. Still far too adorable and creative < 3

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    Ahhh! I LOVE the hailstorm kitty.