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Cumulous Cats - Frosty Felines by WinterSoul

Cumulous Cats - Frosty Felines


Cumulous Cat Mythology:

During the cooler months, Cumulous Cats that carry mostly moisture freeze from within. Blizzard cats love the icy havoc they can create for those living below! It's as if these cool cats have erased all traces of the ground dwellers, leaving a fresh white territory for their offspring. In rare cases, when conditions are just right, some cumulous cats will be gifted with the rare ability to carry both snow and lightning on their backs. In the Cumulous Cat's world, these cats are an omen of an excellent storm to come.

And what's this... Lumi?!? What is she doing in there? That naughty kitty, she's always sneaking into my merchandise. She sure does enjoy snow, maybe it reminds her of the first time her and Umbra met. Most likely though, she just enjoys the trouble it causes for those silly two legged ground dwellers. Really, they should be thankful for the frozen gift the winter storm cats bestow upon ground dwellers every year. :3

Merchandise Info:

Part 3/4 of the new Cumulous Cats. They've earned the nickname cloud "kittens" since the actual magnets are smaller than the original Cumulous Cats, (the name is more so based on the literal size). They're each around 2-2.5 inches in height and length. Size comparison.

These are now sold in sets, or "storms". Original Cumulous Cats will continued to be sold individually and are available in both sticker and magnet form.

What's included in each set:

Orange cat set:

*One quality print featuring the orange original Cumulous Cat, Whirlwind, and Gloomy.

*Orange Cumulous Cat magnet.

*Whirlwind, Gloomy, Downpour, Hurricane, and Thundersnow magnets.

White cat set:

*One quality print featuring the white original Cumulous Cat, Twister, and Foggy.

*White Cumulous Cat magnet.

*Twister, Foggy, Jack Frost, Dust Devil, and Rainbow Mist magnets.

Blue cat set:

*One quality print featuring the blue original Cumulous Cat, Lightning, and Hail.

*Blue Cumulous Cat magnet.

*Lightning, Hail, Snowflake (Lumi), Wildfire, and Blizzard magnets.

Where to get your own thunderstorm:

Morning Storm


Sunset Storm

Other Cloud Cats

Wild Winds

Autumn Air

Summer Storms


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    Such beautiful designs i really love how soft they look!