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Cumulous Cats - Autumn Air by WinterSoul

Cumulous Cats - Autumn Air


Cumulous Cat Mythology:

Not all Cumulous Cats make fearsome storms. When winter frost sneaks in, the summer scents start their transformation into winter winds. The soft autumn breezes carry aromas before the harsh winter cats claim their seasonal territory. Each morning, as the shy fog wakes from his slumber, his brother Jack Frost adds his sparking touch to the worn summer plants. And the high wind variety of Cumulous Cats love all the colorful leaves on the ground, making brightly colored whirlwinds. The chilly air makes some ground dwellers light fires at night- the scent of burning wood is simply irresistible to Cumulous Cats! Delightful as all these aromas can be, there's a sense of gloom in the air, an omen warning all things living to prepare for the coming cold.

Merchandise Info:

Part 2/4 of the new Cumulous Cats. They've earned the nickname cloud "kittens" since the actual magnets are smaller than the original Cumulous Cats, (the name is more so based on the literal size). They're each around 2-2.5 inches in height and length. Size comparison.

These are now sold in sets, or "storms". Original Cumulous Cats will continued to be sold individually and are available in both sticker and magnet form.

What's included in each set:

Orange cat set:

*One quality print featuring the orange original Cumulous Cat, Whirlwind, and Gloomy.

*Orange Cumulous Cat magnet.

*Whirlwind, Gloomy, Downpour, Hurricane, and Thundersnow magnets.

White cat set:

*One quality print featuring the white original Cumulous Cat, Twister, and Foggy.

*White Cumulous Cat magnet.

*Twister, Foggy, Jack Frost, Dust Devil, and Rainbow Mist magnets.

Blue cat set:

*One quality print featuring the blue original Cumulous Cat, Lightning, and Hail.

*Blue Cumulous Cat magnet.

*Lightning, Hail, Snowflake (Lumi), Wildfire, and Blizzard magnets.

Where to get your own thunderstorm:

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Sunset Storm

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Summer Storms


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