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Alchemander by WinterSoul



The fire must be applied to the cheese puff for several days in order to release the orange soda and bring the puff to its resurrected perfection. This greatly satisfies the Alchemander, as he is addicted to junk food, and is slightly afraid of metallic alchemy. Hey, gotta start somewhere! (Picks a flask and drinks it). Oh no... that wasn't the soda... #ProblemsThatArtistsAndAlchemistsBothUnderstand #PosionControlOnSpeedDial

After seeing how many people got a good smile out of the previous witchy kitties, I decided to offer these guys as magnets! This is a continuation of last year's series of witchy animals. More will come over the next few months, these next ones you might recognize if you've visited my table during cons!

Be sure to pick up your own witchy animal magnets over on my Etsy:
Bewitching Beasts Part I:
Bewitching Beasts Part II:

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    awwwWWWW cute!!~~

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    aaa too cute! It's cool that you're offering magnets, as soon as I saw the thumbnail I immediately thought this would make a rad sticker +v+

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      Thank you! Eventually I'll go down the sticker route again, right now it's a matter of finishing the rest of the designs and finding a good fit for producing the stickers. In the meantime, yeah, the magnets have been great, it's a fun option for people who are looking for some smaller art to have around the house! :)

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        I'll always recommend Redbubble - they do pretty high quality stickers! There's basically no up front cost either. The tradeoff is that the profit margins aren't too high and you can't customize your stickers in terms of packaging, paper type, etc. but it's pretty cool just kind of sitting back and having sticker sales come in now and then, and you don't have to make or do anything +o+

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          Redbubble has been one I've tried before, and actually had a bit of a poor experience. The quality was super low (most of that was my fault, but even then the quality should not have been that low). The profit margins and amount of sales weren't enough to justify even a small amount time away from something like commissions or my Etsy shop, (in fact, I never made enough to get a first paycheck after having it for a year). Plus, I was uncomfortable keeping my artwork up on the site unmonitored, unsure if poor quality products were going out in my name. Thanks for the suggestion though! I know that's one a lot of other artists have had better luck than I have with using it. What would be really cool is if I could find a local company that does all their production here! That would definitely go along with the "locally made" philosophy that I've been trending towards. :D