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whitefeather / 32 / Female / Maryland

“If things start happening, don't worry, don't stew, just go right along and you'll start happening too.” ― Dr. Seuss
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Riley - Female

Quiet here for various reasons, despite this being my preferred site. Please note my furaffinity[or check it out] for direct contact or to see more updated images. Whitefeathersrain

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Riley Poop

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I'm still alive and well! Update 7/24/16

Hey guys!

I'm still here and well! I don't use Weasyl as much as I wish I could, predominantly because my userbase is just about all on Furaffinity. I loved this site, it's ideas, and it's layout despite the moaning people did. Always the same thing :p, you beg and beg and beg for something fresh, different, and interesting. When you finally get that, you don't like it and it's not what you wanted. XD People are funny critters! I just find most here like to post here as a rare alternative to a ban or just to simply badmouth FA admins or staff without fear of reprimand. I just don't care to gravitate to that, if that makes sense!

I will still post here every few months, and I check it every couple of weeks! If you need anything, just shoot me a message and we can chat!

I am still not completing art for others outside of friends and close parties right now. Sorry to disappoint :(.

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    oh nooo you found me XD

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    Counter-Rolls! Same here! ^_^

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    Eeeeeeeee hello :3

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      :D Aloha! I hope you had a good one yesterday XD, after the call ended I think folks migrated!

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        Life and soul of the party I am :P I had a call from my mum and then just played WoW til bedtime, haha.

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          Awww yissss, sounds amazing. It's only missing chocolate of some sort and cuddles.

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            Bf zonked out on sofa for most of the night, I got cuddles in the morning though. And I had some deeeelicious pink chocolate for lunch. Did you have a good evening?

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              Nomnom, I did more or less XD, just finished the commission I was working on and went to bed early XD