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Emergency Broadkaz Network by WerewolfNL

Emergency Broadkaz Network


I did it, I went peak vaporwave and then some. Figured I'd do another thing of Kaz since I hadn't drawn her in a while! Also decided to put my net art skills to the test with the background, because god damn that '80s neon grid is the best. Add some legacy video effects inspired by early '90s culture jamming here, a bunch of VHS distortion there, et voila.

Also be sure to check out my post for this on Tumblr, which includes the undistorted version.

Kazimira and art © me

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    I honestly have no idea how people manage to create this stuff.

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      Fucking around with the image in a different color space, and some other technical tidbits. Should write a tutorial about this sometime~

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    V A P O R W A V E . T M A

    the effects on this are so good, geez. great work, aesthetic queen.

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      Thank you <3 And yeeeeees, I wanted to get that whole '80s/early '90s psychedelia look going on. I'd say it worked out pretty well~

      Also have a source for what inspired the effects I guess (epilepsy warning)

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    Oh dang, you totally topped yourself with the vaporwave as much as the rendering with the coloringgg//// High5, gurlll <3333

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      high fives, leaves hueshifted trail in her wake :>

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    Q U E E N O F V A P O R W A V E

    Seriously love this <3

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      feel the aesthetic