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Hello there, I'm Loopy Tuberose!

I draw fun things in my spare time whenever I can.
Most of the alternate variations of my images will be uploaded to my Furaffinity or Inkbunny. Some sketches will make their way onto my Twitter.

I am kinda quiet but don't be intimidated, I am friendly!

Also I'm sorry, but I don't RP. Don't DM me asking about it. Thank you for your understanding!

Latest Journal

Art Update!

on 20 June 2021 at 15:40:24 MDT

Hi guys, Loopy here! A quick update on it's way. There's going to be a delay in public uploads for a while. Instead of a picture every week, it's going to be every two or three weeks. There's a few reasons as to why:

  1. I'm currently awaiting medical treatment, ranging from new medication to deal with problems, to dental surgery... and while in recovery, art is going to be difficult for me to do.

  1. Twi is visiting my home country for a couple of months, and we haven't seen each other in almost two years. So we want to spend as much time as possible.

  1. When travelling to the UK, Twi ended up leaving his laptop behind at one of the Airports. He's contacted them about it, and we've been waiting almost two weeks for any responce from them... -.-

However, do not worry Patrons! Patreon uploads will be on time! With one Pokestate themed picture and one early upload each month. But the written stories will be absent for a while. Since those are on Twi's laptop, and we've no idea when that will be returned to him. :/

But when he has his laptop back, and my health has improved, the art production will increase, and we will be making even better content for you guys!

Thank you for understanding.

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