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Loopy Disability Pride by Vorechestra

Loopy Disability Pride


Decided to treat myself to a slot in my own YCH. This black flag with the jagged, almost lightning pattern is the disasbled pride flag!

I don't often disclose much info about my personal life, but I kind of want to share context behind this one: I am a disabled artist. I was born with a condition that rapidly got worse over the first decade of my life, and no one knew how to fix it, and it looked like I was going to be dead at 16. Luckily, there was a breakthrough with how to treat my illness at around 12, and a year later I had my first surgery. I have had multiple others throughout my teen years and I'm currently as healthy as I can be at the ripe old age of 26.

I can just about walk and be like a regular human as long as I have my painkillers handy. Some days though? It's hard, really hard. Have you ever hurt your body in such a way that it feels like lightning coursed through you for a second? Well, that's that normal for me, every single day. I can't even get out of bed sometimes the pain is so bad, making it very difficult to hold down any kind of job for long. I'm just thankful my healthcare is free (Being Bri'ish n'all that)

So thankyou to people who buy my YCH's or support my Patreon, it allows me to keep floating on okay.

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