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Why do I make so many feckin' alts.
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Update! Patreon Poll and Itaku

Hiya all! Right, two orders of business: One, there's a poll on Patreon right now where I'm trying out a new reward. Patrons can vote on a theme for the pictures that month, two solo characters, and two pairings for the non-commission artwork I'll be doing in July. If the trial goes well, I'll keep…

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Patreon Commissions!

Hi everybody, kind of a coincidence on my Patreon Discord server. Both the Silver and Gold commission queues are resetting at the same time on the 1st of March! That means if you're the first to join either of these tiers before the 1st, you'll get your commission done during March! If no one joins…

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Patreon Tier and Reward Updates!

Heya everyone, a number of big changes have been happening with our Patreon over the past couple of months! We've formed a Patron-Exclusive Discord Server, and we are only posting the Patreon Content in the dedicated Channels in said Server from now on. Sorry if that's inconvenient to people, but i…

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Dental Surgery / Art Delays

Hey! Long time no journal Basically, I'm taking a week off minimum, as in about 1 hour I'm getting a tooth ripped out that should have been pulled out at the start of Covid (almost two years ago.) I'm gonna need a lot of rest, and good vibes while I'm in recovery, this Friday's upload is finished a…

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Art Update!

Hi guys, Loopy here! A quick update on it's way. There's going to be a delay in public uploads for a while. Instead of a picture every week, it's going to be every two or three weeks. There's a few reasons as to why: I'm currently awaiting medical treatment, ranging from new medication to deal with…

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We've Started a Patreon!

Heya! It's been a while since my previous journal, and I come to share some news! I've had a few kind people ask if there's anywhere they can support my own or Twi's work, so we went ahead and made a place to do just that! ►Introducing... Our Patreon!◄ Don't worry if you can't support us monetarily…

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2020 Update!

It's been a while since I made a journal huh? ^^; I'll try to make them more often, so you can keep updated on my art and future projects. I'll start talking about the art stuff first, so people who aren't interested in my personal stuff can click off sooner~ I've received so much support from the…