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Tera Whoopsie by Vito_Talford (critique requested)

Tera Whoopsie (critique requested)


17 February 2019 at 18:43:14 MST

After Vito attempted to bring Kit and Quinn back to normal size, something went wrong with his Size Ray. Haywire and malfunction, the Size Ray switched from Shrink to Grow. The Gamer Fox and the Mischief Coon were the same height, but while Earth and its moon were crushed, smeared, and destroyed, Vito barely managed to survive. The Wolfdog was enjoying himself too well between the footpaws of Kit and Quinn, not that they're complaining. And all of a sudden, poor Crux was the unfortunate of the stray beam from Vito's Size Ray, making him bigger than all of the Solar System, with the Sun almost like the size of the Blue Wolfdog's big toe. Too bad about Uranus and Neptune though. Hopefully, things will get back to the way they were before the Size Ray Incident, and that Vito have his fixed before Macro March.

Takes place after them-
Part I-
Part II-

Sequel of the Visit to Texas
Part I-
Part II-
Part III-

Crux Xandareth Lo © Crux

Vito Talford © Vito_Talford

Kit © KitsuneKit

Art © Quinn

P.S. Happy Birthday, Kit and Crux!!!