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Inevitable Stomp of the Half-Planet-Sized Blue Wolfdog by Vito_Talford (critique requested)

Inevitable Stomp of the Half-Planet-Sized Blue Wolfdog (critique requested)


3 March 2016 at 20:23:04 MST

The continuation of Gamer Fox's Plans set in motion and final part of Visit to Texas.

Well, that would be one way to end a birthday- Crux becoming half the size of the planet. Most of the planet was obliterated by the now Uber Tera Giga Mega Macro Blue Wolfdog. The good news was he stopped growing. The bad news was that he couldn't find where Vito and Kit, now back to 6ft. tall, were. Little did he know, his feet would crunch all of the United States from below. The black and white Wolfdog, due to his love for male footpaws, waited to be stepped on, even if it would mean being stomped into nothingness. Kit, however, would rather run for his life than get crunched. Noticing that Vito was blushing in a Footpaw-Loving Trance, he had to grab his arm to help him flee. Despite fleeing, escaping the Massive Blue Wolfdog's foot was futile, and being stomped and crunched was inevitable. Crux unknowingly placed his foot on his friends, not only stomping them and Texas, but a majority of the United States as well. Regardless of whether or not he would notice, he would have to place his foot somewhere anyway. At his current size, it would be the end of the world. When the Stomping Apocalypse ended five minutes later, the Half-Planet-Sized Blue Wolfdog sat on what remained of the planet alone. After six hours of boredom, Vito appeared on his nose and revived Kit as well. The black and white Wolfdog gave his giant friend as thumbs up for the unaware stomping apocalypse. Crux, upon telling him not to revive the planet right away, laid back on the planet to watch the moon while crossing his feet. Vito and Kit laid down as well to watch the moon with him. This was the best birthday for Crux and Kit ever.

Crux Xandareth Lo © Crux

Vito Talford © Vito_Talford

Kit © KitsuneKit

Art © Quinn