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Please do not act like you're my friend if don't know you.

Don't add me to your instant messenger if you never plan on saying anything or are a total jerk-off.

I will not accept trades if I'm not well acquainted with you.

If you have a problem with any of the subject matter in my gallery, then do yourself a favor and un-follow me, and/or stay far away from it.

Not trying to be a hardass or a tough guy. Just trying to keep things tolerable and sane for myself.



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About posting my arts elsewhere

I figured that I need to make this very clear when it comes to this.

I don't mind at all if some of you people want to take artwork of mine that I submitted on my public galleries anywhere on the internets and post it somewhere else. As long as you're not making a profit off of it, and as long as I get full credit, feel free to post anything on the imageboard of your liking.

But please for all that is holy, DO NOT make edits of my artwork if you do.

I appreciate that you like my characters and the subject matter they're rendered in, but please show both some respect and restraint and don't make alterations of pics they're in without my approval.

Last thing I want is any 'misunderstandings'. That is people viewing an edited picture and completely taking the character the wrong way, thus getting them more involved in fetishes I had no intentions of them ever being in.

I enjoy posting and sharing my personal artwork to as many people in and around the fandom - and one of the shrinking few who does it mostly free of charge. This is without requiring you to donate money, go through a paywall, join in on patreons, watching stream commissions, or any of the like just to ring a few cents out of you for looking at big ta-tas.

And all I ask is to appreciate the way the art is done and not try to make your wild alterations in a vain attempt to fulfill your own personal fantasies.

So again DO NOT MAKE EDITS ON MY ARTWORK WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! You'll be doing more damage to yourself, the artwork and characters you enjoy than you will to me.

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