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Holy shit it's been like a year?

on 30 October 2015 at 09:24:00 MDT

So I just realized, today, that I never updated my status. I guess I should recap the year's events.

On the topic of housing: Not homeless! Furthermore, not dead, and not living with my parents. That situation was kind of poisonous to make a long story short. I love my family, but I'm just not capable of coping with other people's mental illnesses. I've got my own problems, I -need- to focus on me, and focus on getting better.

Admittedly the new living conditions could be better. I live in a town called New Bedford now, a former whaling town, then a former factory/ironworks town. This place was pretty industrious in the past, but now it's kind of.. defunct. The town's budget is pretty damn poor, they can't even afford snow plows. But on the bright side, rent is -cheap-. So CC and I got into a small apartment (which was listed incorrectly as a 2 bedroom) some time in october 2014. The neighbors are... pretty ok. There's a lot of weed trafficking, and a whole bunch of immigrants and drunks shambling in the streets, but there's also a lot of -dogs- and a lot of -families-. It's like this part of town is trying its best while being dealt a shit hand, and it's honestly kind of inspiring in away.

I started working full time at the bowling alley. It's been.. a little rough taking on the extra hours. I was working a solid 40 hours a week when we were short staffed in the months around december, but i've reached understanding with my likewise overworked manager. She gets that although money is good, overworking smallcats tend to burn them out. So I've been down to around 32-36 since summer. I'm still a little overwhelmed with the responsibilities- she expects me to do a lot more these days. Between lane and arcade maintenance to community reachout. I feel like I'm in more of a management position, but I've got a bit more to learn before I can take the next big step and go the assistant manager route. We'll see how it plays out.

Cautioncat Cautioncat actually got promoted to assistant manager, but in reality she's more like a manager now. She technically -runs- an arcade owned by the company pretty much autonomously, only ever checking in with our manager when she has a question. It's unreal to see her step up and run shop... and it's been a little intimidating. It's put a strain on us here and there, but I couldn't be more proud.

With the whole working business and paying bills, reality and adulthood's kind of slapped us both in the face. Myself more so, working on art is more difficult than ever. Not just finding time, but actually -making it happen-.

Around february our long time friend uberwulf uberwulf moved up here. It was a shitty ride on his end, he wound up stuck in the snow and had to pay out of pocket way more than he'd planned. We helped him back onto his feet, and finally we all feel kind of settled- which is good. It's a tiny little space up here on the third floor, but we get along and occasionally he forces us to watch the shittiest films on the planet (looking at you, Dungeons and Dragons).

I play a lot of DnD now! CC wormed me into her DnD group. We play on tuesday nights from 5-9. I'd love a longer session, but we're all adults trying to squeeze game time into busy adult lives, so it's rough. Shit's fun though. I love to roleplay. We wanted to get Uberwulf involved, but the group's kind of too big for that now.

Over the summer CC's mom had a problem with her dog. He needed some vet care for some issues he had, and we had to watch him for a few weeks due to a skin condition that required pretty much constant lotioning. He's another lapdog, a long haired chihuaha (I swear he's part pomerinian) named Grundy. He's a whiny little brat but he has his moments. After holding onto him for a week we noticed some really odd behavior and incontinence... turns out he has diabetus too. With CC's mom getting on in years, we got pushed into a moral dillemma.. So.. Now we're taking care of him too. Insulin needles, woo. At least we solved the incontinence problems, though. CC's mom actually moved in downstairs because the rent is so cheap. The landlady was super nice and let her stay the first month free, you just don't see that kind of generosity these days. So maybe we can let Grundy spend time with her when we're at work. We'll just make sure he gets his needles on time and goes out regularly. Since we're on the top floor, she's kind of on the way anyway.

So now it's october again, i'm a year older, and reflecting on things. This year here hasnt been bad. Winters suck, shoveling is murder, but I guess I can deal with it until we have enough money to go somewhere better.

Sorry for the radio silence guys.

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