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Free Chibi Fox Lineart by Uluri by Uluri

Free Chibi Fox Lineart by Uluri


10 August 2021 at 06:48:55 MDT

Line Art © Uluri
I decided to make a free to use fox line art for those who wanted a cute chibi fox line art maybe. I haven't made a free lineart in a while, so here's a free base for folks. You can use this lineart for adoptables and commissions as long as you give credit back to me, Uluri, and don't remove my signature.

Tips for Editing: Using a Clipping Layer/group on an art program that has Layers can Make it easier to work with. If you fill in below as one color entirely, and put a clipping layer above that, you can draw over that color layer below without going off of that layer. You can even change the color of the lineart this way! MediBang is a Free art program that can use layers. Clip Studio is a $50 art program (That goes on sale for $25 a lot of times).

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Rules of Use
- You MUST credit my lineart in the description linking back to original post
- May be used for Selling adoptables and Commissions
- May be used for personal use
- May be used in reference Sheets
- You can move my signature around if needed
- You can Edit the lineart if you need

- Resell/Repost this Lineart as is
- Claim this Lineart as your own
- Remove my Signature

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    Ooh! yay! ^-^ I'll be sure to credit you if i use this :3