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I’m a winged, silver spotted panther, floating around and writing stories, working towards publication -- that is, when I’m not writing I’m working with Crowchild on HTH Studios HTH Studios is my full time job and I do everything from overseeing the PR, prowling forums, assisting with character design, game testing, and providing voices for Rio, Aleta and many more!
I also help run the HTH Studios Livestream, where I field questions to Crow while he draws and animates. Everyone is welcome to hang out and chat – just please read our Website Rules first.

When I get a bit of time for hobbies I dabble in various crafts and I’m constantly reading. I live with Crowchild and my two birds: Kuarii, the Quaker parakeet, and Soren the Timneh African Grey. There are pictures in scraps.

My writing is largely Fantasy, mixed with a bit of Sci/Fi. I’m huge into mythology as can be seen in my Bestiary Series, themed around an encyclopedia of mythological creatures from all over the world.
Much of my work is also Erotica. I tend to write more straight or bisexual couples. Occasionally I’ll write lesbian and gay stories, rarely I'll attempt herm or transgender characters.
I do not deal with coming out themes. They're just not my thing.

My limits on fetish stories are depend on its gross-out level. I have a low preference for bodily fluids -- if it belongs in the toilet, I'm not writing about it in a sexual manner. Pain and torture are not used in a sexual way. Eyeballs also freak me out. Eyes are just icky.

I do like transformation, bondage, multiple partners/orgies and a few of the more vanilla fetishes. I also occasionally write feral stories. The animals in question are always sentient in some way -- so they are anthropomorphized to an extent.
I ♡ mythologies. Ancient stories have always fascinated me.

Here, I’ll post stories about battles, death, birth, some occasional gore, magic, fae folk, and whatever else my imagination decides to spit out. Many of my story themes reference paganism, hedonism, open relationships, communication, and tolerance. My settings tend toward utopian versus dystopian -- though, I have been known to write darker themes.

I love comments, and I always respond to comments left on my stories. Feel free to let me know what you think.

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In the meantime . . .

I probably won't have much uploaded here. I have so many stories and there's no way to batch upload stories. So until there is a better way to upload multiple stories, I'm going to be very slow to upload. I've got too many things spread around sites and I'm not looking forward to reformatting things off of .txt -- for the few stories that aren't on SF.

I really do like a lot of this site, but uploading lots of stories with artwork and making it all look good (because I'm anal like that) is time consuming. Time I prefer to spend writing.

So for now to anyone who finds this page, feel free to check out my stories on

Thanks for stopping by.


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