Reference - Dutch Angel Dragon Anatomy by TwilightSaint

Reference - Dutch Angel Dragon Anatomy


23 September 2016 at 18:50:23 MDT

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Flat-Colored Anatomy Reference Sheet for the Official Dutch Angel Dragon Field Guide and website!

Here's a full run-down of DutchAD anatomy, folks! This is a thorough guide on the basic feral body anatomy, some general information, and pointers as to the unique features of this species. These are just a few pieces I completed for the Field Guide debuted at Anthrocon '16.

Among the other artwork I did for the Field Guide and website includes a full comparison between DutchADs and standard Western dragons, a comparison of leg types and those of DADs, (for which I've coined the term 'digiguligrade,' haha,) a detailed skull study and more. I will be posting these in parts over time, so not to overflow folks with a ton of anatomy information, but stay tuned on the website for the entirety of the Field Guide with even more info on the species background, lore, and abilities as a downloadable PDF file!

The website will be updated with standalone shots such as these feral body shots, the skeletal leg anatomy, skull study, and more here soon.

Official website:

If anyone has any questions regarding DutchAD-specific anatomy, comparing it to those of other dragon species, or anatomy in general, (anthro included,) don't hesitate to ask me! I'll be happy to answer any questions pertaining to these topics, anatomy for your specific character's physiology, and more.

Want your own Anatomy Reference Sheet for your character? I do accept commissions for these types of pieces, fine-tuned to your design. Please Note for inquiries and specific pricing.

Commission Information & terms of Service -

You may reference this guide for your own DutchAD characters! This was created with the intention of spreading more knowledge of the unique features of this species, and to help folks!
However, if you heavily reference this, you must provide credit. You are not authorized to trace, alter, distribute, or otherwise use this work without explicit permission from Ino89777 and myself. Unauthorized use has a zero tolerance policy.

Dutch Angel Dragons - Owned & Copyrighted by Ino89777
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