Ref Sheet - Morph by TwilightSaint

Ref Sheet - Morph


10 October 2016 at 20:27:52 MDT

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Flat-Colored Reference Sheet of the Dutch Angel Dragon, Morph!

Morph here acts as a mascot for the Dutch Angel Dragon community, appearing on many pieces of artwork throughout the official website and learning guides as well! No doubt you've seen this guy modeling on the website and guides for muzzle markings, etc.

How can a single Dutchie appear on these guides sporting different markings, you ask? That's because Morph here is the only Dutchie able to change his markings and colors at will! It is a unique adaptation he has. He can 'morph' between vibrant reds and oranges, to dark blues and purples, and give himself the full gambit from spots to stripes!

Keep an eye out for this guy, as he's bound to show up more! He's a friendly dragon who likes meeting others and helping them learn about his unique species. :)

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Art (c) myself, TwilightSaint
Morph & DAD species (c) Ino98777

Thanks for looking!