Bust Comish - The Warmest Light by TwilightSaint

Bust Comish - The Warmest Light


26 August 2016 at 16:37:50 MDT

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Cell Shaded Bust Commission for SpixWusky of FurAffinity featuring Spring, the deergon!

Deergon = deer + dragon, in case anyone was wondering. Spring here is actually the first deergon I've gotten the opportunity to work on! :D She's such an elegant gal, and working on a realistic, feral form for her was a lot of fun, particularly the little nuances of deer anatomy and features. I went a little wild on the background, hehe!

Commission Prices & Terms of Service - https://www.weasyl.com/submission/629052/current-commission-prices

Thanks, Spix!


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    I love the tones in this. The background's beautiful. It really feels like your right there with this creature in the woods. You did a fantastic job on the anatomy by the way. I really see the deer features