Personal 2015 - The Conquest of Spaces by TwilightSaint

Personal 2015 - The Conquest of Spaces


31 December 2015 at 12:52:04 MST

I proudly present my coup de gras of 2015, 'Conquest of Spaces.

'Behind the dreams of mastery,
Love dies silently.
Torn to the flesh as the fire bleeds,
Echoes of history.

I'm ready to start the conquest of spaces,
Expanding between you and me.
Come with the night the science of fighting,
The forces of gravity.'

This one's a Full Painted (Lineless) Scene of Muzafr, blazing her way into the new year! This was definitely my most ambitious project to date, possibly that I've ever taken on. I actually started this fairly early after learning my new Painting technique, and figured, 'If I can Paint Muzafr, I can Paint anything.' Case in point. B)

I also like to think that this is probably my best piece ever done to date. The sizes online don't even give a wink to the amount of detail in this piece. Of course, every single spine and feather and scale was individually hand-painted and detailed, down to the texture of each scale and the veins and down in each feather. Even her tongue has taste-buds and paws 'fingerprint' details. Needless to say, I pushed myself above and beyond on this one, and learned so much from it. I basically attribute my quick improvement in Painting to the amount of work put into and experience gained from this single piece. X)

I'm very excited, also, for what this piece holds for me in the future. I basically taught myself to Paint like this in a matter of 3-ish months, and I get all pumped to think about how my work will look after another six months, or a year, or a couple years, even! That not only means more Personal Epic Scenes like this, but also Commissions that will be that much more awesome for y'all!

Anyway, this piece is also representative of myself, (Muzafr being my fursona,) attacking 2016 head-on. Like with the scale of this piece, I always tackle challenges head on and right in the thick of it. I thrive on a challenge, the faster and higher, the better. This year was epic for me, being my most active art- and Commission-wise, and also with my military career, having earned my Wings of Gold this October. In the new year, my career will really catapult me to the forefront of flying high-performance aircraft and learning to command missions, leading up to being forward deployed. My crew and I will play an integral part in the world theatre, and I can't wait to have the upper-hand in these upcoming experiences.

And just because I'm Active Duty doesn't mean my art is going away any time soon! This year, my time- and schedule-management has been 110%, performing my duties and training while maintaining a very, very active Commission queue! And this is not gonna change! I'm very skilled and efficient at balancing my military career with my art, and with more Navy missions and the improvements I'm making with my artwork, there are only epic pieces to come! I can't wait to see what the future holds for me, and also being able to share it with y'all!

And mabrook if you've read to this point. XD Go ahead and throw 'Full Metal Jacket' in your comment if you read all this, hehe. You may also notice that this piece and description kind of goes hand-in-hand with the 2015 Art Summary I posted earlier - that being the larger overview, this specific piece being my 'killing blow' to 2015 and the new year being set ablaze with an Epic Scene.

Thank you so much, to all Commenters, Favouriters, and Watchers, who've stuck with me and supported my artwork and I through the years, and to 2016 and beyond! I appreciate every single bit of support and encouragement, I really do! I'm really looking forward to what the future holds!

Happy New Year! B)

Art & Muzafr (c) me, TwilightSaint - unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.
Rippers will be nuked and swiftly disposed of.


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    Excuse me, miss, but I believe your dragon is FIRING HIS LAZOR BWAAAAAAAAAAAA

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      Bwaaaaa! Who needs a Death Star when you can have a Death Dragon? >BD

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    Bravo Zulu! You did an amazing job and I can't wait to see what else you create after this. Good luck on your continued art studies as you balance that active duty schedule this year.

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      Thank you very much, I appreciate it! :)

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    absolutely gorgeous

    the details in the scales and wings are wonderful