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Personal - Ferocity by TwilightSaint

Personal - Ferocity


Cell-Shaded Bust of my Angel Dragon character, Kalashnikov, setting his fire-breath on full automatic. Poor, poor target on the receiving end. shakes head

Felt like drawing Kalash being especially ferocious. I also really wanted to Cell Shade something, and since he's a naturally sharp fellow, Kalash lent himself great to it! I love how his feather crest turned out, particularly. I wanted to try something a bit different for this Bust, opting for a more extreme angle on his maw and a vertical frame. Darkened my shading and the edges of the canvas to really make his face the focus. I think it's kind of a neat effect - was a fun experiment. ^^

Art & Character (c) myself, TwilightSaint - Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

Want some? Get some! B) Thanks for checking him out!


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    Oooo, wow. I love the fire effects and the way the neck fades off into the distance. It makes it so dynamic and alive looking.