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A Clash Of Stuffing and Love - Art by Catmonkshiro by TundraBirb

A Clash Of Stuffing and Love - Art by Catmonkshiro


13 September 2020 at 05:21:06 MDT

As I felt my muscles weaken as my body slowly collapses to the floor, a sense of concern races towards my mind, is this how my existence is determined? Being an endless loving and cuddle machine for my mate? Never to have any other function then his comfort pillow? Before thinking any further, suddenly the negative thoughts ceased. As an sudden spark jolted my mind. An epiphany. Why does that sound bad? I love my partner, I want to be by his side at all times and comfort him at his weakest. This way I can do that forever, that's not bad right? To be his plush that he is greeted by every night? I'm on the floor now, no sensation. As I glance at his happy expression. His laughter suddenly lightens the mood, as he holds onto me very gently with care, before lifting me over to his bed. As we snuggle before accepting my fate. Grieving a bit before he starts to drift off to sleep. What am I ever gonna do with this pupper.

Part 2/2 - A Clash Of Stuffing and Love

The artwork was created by the very amazing and quite talented Catmonkshiro
Please check out his other works he does amazing transformation art and is pretty friendly to work with! Thanks once again for this beautiful piece!.