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THIS IS NOT WHAT I ASKED FOR!!?? - Art by Catmonkshiro by TundraBirb

THIS IS NOT WHAT I ASKED FOR!!?? - Art by Catmonkshiro


Tonight started off rather peaceful, as it normally does after a reset to my day begins as I fly back towards my home after a stressful day around town. My mate is always so humble, kind, loving, and always is there to help me relax when I am at my weakest. When we hug the earth stands still, as if the shadows of time remain dormant. It makes me curious, what if we could hold this posture together? That we could snuggle for eternity and never let go? Boy did I have one hell of a shock coming home on this faithful average day, and I know from this point onward my life will never be quite the same, as if I could possibly complain knowing my partner will be eternally happy. A plushie by his side, never to leave his snugly kind and caring paws.

The artwork was created by the very amazing and quite talented Catmonkshiro
Please check out his other works he does amazing transformation art and is pretty friendly to work with! Thanks once again for this beautiful piece!.

Part 2/2 - A Clash Of Stuffing and Love

The Crow is Tundra Everquill.
The Puma/Cat is my Boyfriend Kasai Everquill