Hello, everyone!

I recently added myself to this site, and am still figuring out how everything works here. If you'd like to look at my full works or commission me, I suggest that you find me on by the same name (TruNorth).

I just recently updated all my commission prices, and I am too lazy to retype them right now here on Weasyl (bad cat!) so here is the link to all of my commission information:

I am always interested in chatting and getting to know new people, so send me a note or a shout if you want to talk!

Critiques are always welcome on my art, although I would prefer that everybody stay respectful and constructive~ :3 If there are any thoughts on how I could improve my work, or suggestions for what I should paint more of, I would love to hear them!


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    I wish you would upload more of your art here! <3

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    Watching you on here, as well.

    Heh...nowadays, whenever I see your profile, I always see that icon of the tiger pointing. Don't know why. X3

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      It was kind of hard to change it X3 That's been my icon for as long as I've been on the internet!

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    gorgeous work :)

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    Ahh, I'm so excited to see your art here! You're one of my favorite artists on fA c:

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      Thank you very much! I am surprised you've found me here already! I was going to post a journal about updating on here as well, tomorrow.

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        No prob! And yep, I saw that Iron Man submission and checked it out, was very happy to see it was your work. :)

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    Big fan of BDSM