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My name is Wyld and I hate you all

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Marvel & Sony 40/60 Deal

So I guess Marvel is trying to work out a deal with Sony to be able to use Spiderman in their Marvel Cinematic Universe. This deal that is rumored to be called the 40/60 deal.

Marvel gets 60% profits
Sony gets 40% profits and merchandise

So if this deal gets approved within the next few weeks, Marvel was going to have Spiderman make his appearance in Captain America: Civil War.

What would be a cool way to introduce this character? And if they do, I swear they better not ruin it by putting him in the trailer. I hate when they completely ruin a movie by putting the plot twist in the trailer.

i.e. How to Train Your Dragon 2. They revealed his mother was still alive in the trailer...

So what are your thoughts on this? How could they introduce Spiderman? I think it would be cool if Captain America and Iron Man were fighting and this kid was in a blast zone and Cap saved him and asked the kid his name and he was like "Peter.. Peter Parker." Oh man, that would just be a huge twist.

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    hug them all

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    Hi, How are you?

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    you are kind of a nasty, terrible person

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    Might just be me, but wasn't there a comic with Wyld and Zyroz? o.o

    really miss your art, I hope everything's alright ^^

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    Yeah. I used to watch you on Da, until you were making tonnes of suicide threats and every. Single. Journal complaining about your family, despite the fact they bought you a tablet and let you draw porn in the house.

    I really don't know what you're problem is, but I think you should stop whining. There are people out there who are beaten by their parents and not fed every day and you're complaining about not being the Christmas present you wanted.

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      All you ever want is a pity party, so you constantly threaten suicide to get you put of trouble.
      As someone with diagnosed depression, tried several times to kill myself and failed as well as having people close to me try the same thing.

      Saying things like that disgusts me and you should feel disgusted with yourself

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        I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and put on treatment for my suicide attempts. Please dont come here harassing me on things you dont know or what you "think" you know.

        Have a nice day