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Welcome to my FA page. I’m Truck the Polar Bear(tm). I’m not much of the artist but I do try when I can to put pencil to paper. Though I do love taking the odd photo too or recording the odd podcast. Most of the work is pictures I’ve commission from others, so please send your comments and thanks their way. You’ll also find the odd photo my fursuit Moriarty the dog. He’s fluffy and likes to give out hugs.

I’m a 6'5ft Toony Polar bear with a fair bit of a gut on me. I’m using dressed in a flat cap and green jumper (That's a wool sweater for those in for you outside the UK). I’m a bear that loves nothing but watching cartoons, play video games, hang out with good friends and be there for those he cares about. I also love a good cuppa tea!

During the day I work as a Police Officer. That's Officer PC Truck to you, and I'm a member of the Her Majesties UK Police force. I'm just your typical bobby on the beat and I can be often found enforcing the law in most Doughnut shops, Bakeries and Pizzerias, seizing all those tasty delicious foods and keeping the public save from harm.

I'm a bit laid back but when I’m on duty I’ve always got a stern look on my face which usually changes the moment food is presented in front of me. Despite this, I'm not afraid to enforce the law.

When I’m off duty, I like to head down the pub and tucking into a nice plate of fish and chips.

Moriarty my dog fursuit was created by Deezlberries Hear me twit.

Member of the Pawpets UK video team and crew on the video team at Confuzzled

ʕ ´ᴥ` ʔ



Latest Journal

Review of 2014

Getting it in early as I'm not going to be around much next week.

So here we are again at the end of another year. 2013 was pretty much a roller-coaster, what with the change of job and deciding to be more active in the fandom. 2014 has just been the same, I don't think I've gotten off the roller-coaster yet.

My Job has been going well. I've be able to get involved in my fair share of outside broadcasts for radio and as well as developing my skill base in the TV too. I actually feel I've landed on my feet and found something that I enjoy and feel passionate about again. As with any job there's the odd niggles but they small in comparison to happened to me in the Police force as a forensics officer.

Though I'll never be over my PTSD . It doesn't effect me in my everyday life anymore. I don't have the nightmare or the night terrors as much, only really had 2 attacks all year compared to the 2 day I used to get. I feel more confident as person. I do feel I've come off better for what happened to me. I still have the odd internal conflict with myself but they're finally relating to other things.

It's also been 2 years now since I decided to change things with my characters and out look on the fandom. Thanks to the amazing redesign of Truck that Nickwolf did for me last year. I finally feel that I like my own character again. Thank you Nick, I don't think you realise how much that means to me but it means a lot. I've meet so many great people over the last two and even more during 2014. I have gotten into fursuit with my dog fursuit Moriarty and hopefully I'll be getting Truck in the near future. I've been involved with the UK Pawpets team working along side Hunter Husky to produce the video inserts for this years show and I will be working with them again in 2015. I also worked along side Hunter again during Confuzzled. It's felt great to give something back to fandom by helping out as crew on the video team and offer my skills from profession too.

I'm also very grateful of the friends I have and those I've grown close too. I can't name individuals but you guys know who you are and all of you in away have helped me feel better about myself. You've listened to me and been there for me. It's great to meet people that are so kind and caring. Thank you all.

As for 2015. I'm just going to keep riding this roller-coaster. I might be getting a pay raise. There's Confuzzled to look forward and if can scrape the funds together, then I'm going to try to get my Polar Bear butt over to MWFF2015.

Hope you all have a great 2015.

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