(2009) Hedgefox Productions Art DVD Cover by Tremaine

(2009) Hedgefox Productions Art DVD Cover


20 August 2018 at 04:50:10 MDT

Created in 2009.Way back when, folks regularly asked if I was selling my art on DVD, since I had (and have) a rather sizeable collection. I thought it was a good idea at the time, so I re-scanned art I had and did my best to resize art I no longer had so it was still mostly decent quality, and put it on the DVD. A great deal of effort and time went into making the DVD.

Some may wonder if I am still selling the DVD. I am not. I've already uploaded more art than is on the DVD, and the art I've uploaded is of better quality. Being that I made the DVD when I was very deeply depressed, the DVD descriptions are full of a lot of self-deprecation and self-loathing, so it's not at all something I'm proud of. None of you want to read about me putting myself down several hundred times over. There are also some pieces of art on the old DVD I'd rather not ever share again.

I am not at all convinced it's worth the effort to make a new DVD project, especially with all the art available at SoFurry and InkBunny at high resolution. (FA limits resolution to 1280x1280, and Weasyl limits maximum file size). There are also SoFurry, InkBunny, FurAffinity and Weasyl Downloaders. I think some of my early SoFurry uploads derped which is why the image count is lower there than on FA. If SF doesn't have it, IB does.

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