(2005) MFM 9 T-Shirt Submission: Dressed to the Nines! by Tremaine

(2005) MFM 9 T-Shirt Submission: Dressed to the Nines!


5 August 2018 at 06:53:20 MDT

Drawn in 2005. This was my submission for Mephit FurMeet 9's T-shirt design contest. While I didn't win, I think it's the best submission I've done yet!

For my art DVD, I wrote that I'd try again and hopefully win "one of these years"! Apparently MFM has stopped doing the T-shirt contest thing for some time, now. While I'm a bit sad, I'd love to try to design a T-shirt people would actually want to wear.

Honestly? Now, I think I have a better sense of what make a better T-shirt design than I ever have before. There will always be some sort of fan T-shirt thingie somewhere!

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