Allo, my name’s June. And I’m the creator of all these fuzzy lil critters you see here. I’ve been drawing since before I could walk and love to learn new things about art and the world around me. I’m also almost completely self-taught, being the voracious consumer of all knowledge that is art related. My fascination with light and nature (specifically trees and water) inspire me to work and spur me on to do photography as well which you can find on my portfolio site. I’m asleep 75% of the day and oftentimes get caught up in something so if I don’t respond to your messages immediately that’s why. If you like furry creatures, and anthropomorphic animals then you’re in the right place. If not, well…I’m sure you’ll find something you like sooner or later. ^w^;


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[OPEN] Commissions - 3 Slots

on 18 January 2020 at 13:27:19 MST

Hauupy New Year all you fluffs, squeaks, scalies and...birbs! Hope 2020 is treating you well. Been a heckin long time since the last journal eh? Life has been busy in forest animal land, but as I still do enjoy drawing and since folks have been asking, I've decided to open up for a few commissions.

The slots are limited to 3 this time around! (Any more and the pressure would make my ears pop. .A .; )

These will be colored and shaded!

These are NOT first come first serve. Slots will be filled according to what interests me. Responses will be gathered till the slots are filled, at which point I'll update this journal.

I will not be accepting any drone themed commissions at this time. >w <
Toys and other topics though are still fair game! Variety is the spice of life after all.

To get a commission slot, just fill out the handy dandy form here (and be sure to read the TOS!):

If you've any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below or send me a note!

Before ya go, special shout out to all the new folks who're following. I know I don't post nearly as much as I should but I appreciate that you took the time to take a gander and come along for the ride. All of ya get a cookie. (If that's a cookie per critter or one macro scale cookie...we'll see.)


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    Thanks for the follow! :D

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    How dare you make with the spooking! D:<

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    BOOP! Now I can fave all your wonderful art here!

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      Yaaay! Please bear with the mess until I get this all set up. Not that afterwords it'll be any better. ^w^;

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      No problem! I love your art, it's always so round and soft. It's very fun to see what you come up with.