Ancients of the sand by themefinland

Ancients of the sand


31 December 2017 at 09:44:01 MST

"The largest of the nagas slithered to the middle throne of the throne room and sat upon it, its frame and size barely able to fit into it, its intention to make a mockery of the throne was evident. After all, it was rather embarrassing how easily the nagas were able to penetrate into the city while it was in turmoil from the sandstorm which had been hanging around the city for days now. Many had left the city after the second day of the storm to try and make it outside of the eye of the storm, however many more had remained in the city. The king, refusing to let go of his city, had ordered the guards to keep the people inside the city, but with the guards leaving their posts as well it was an order that was barely enforceable. In the guise of the storm the nagas were able to enter the city and find what they wanted with little resistance. The throne room itself had been ravaged by sand that had swept inside with the massive sandstorms. The naga spoke in an old language which only the king and a few of the court members present could understand:
'Your people must have forgotten once more to remain outside of places where you do not belong. For generations, your kind has stepped into our dunes and despite the wrath of our god who sent these sandstorms to wipe you out, you seem to never learn. We know how you wish to differ yourselves from us creatures of the land, erecting your temples and palaces, trying to escape your feral nature. In the wilderness, you do not need palaces or fine clothes, only size and power, which you lack both of. And there is something common between me and you, greed. I do not lust for jewelry or gold, I see no value in that. What I and my people desire for is you, and your people.' The naga’s sight was now intensely fixed on the royalty in the room than before, it had a certain degree of maliciousness behind it.
'Once this blessed sandstorm is over, your entire city will be buried in sand, nothing will remain of what you had built in vain. We will all be buried in the sand, and await for the sand to shift once more. While we slumber, what good is jewelry or gold to us? So, do not worry, you will get to keep your fine fabrics, necklaces and your silver tongue, but I can guarantee you that they did not help the previous false kings who I have devoured.' The king and his court had nowhere to run as a handful more of the nagas emerged into the throne room. A few of the court members had the thought of attempting escape, even though it meant certain death from the storm.
'I enjoy seeing the look on your faces as the realization of your illusion of power over the wilderness, through what you call your culture, falls apart before your eyes. In the wilderness, the only thing that is eternal are its own cycles, and now it has finally come the time to place you back into it.'"


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    Nice art, and the accompaning story fits very well!

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    Incredible concept!