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I realized I can finally be myself and what a great time to be messed up after all I'm not leaving with my parents any more im a happy, silly, corky and fiendly, husky husky but i do have a more "Devious" side that i like to which is more likely to show at night it is possible to bring that side out of me in the morning though it is rare im Bi but more attracted to man then woman I'm really shy around the people that I like at first the only thing really lower than my standards is my self-esteem so don't ever be afraid to say hello i do like to starting up a random conversation about a random subject or a past event that never happened I love poking people's fat bellies I am really cheesy when it comes to doing stuff for the one you love and i love and telling stories but i hate when people cut me off although I like playing games anime singing and cooking I don't or know as much as you would naturally think i don't have a lot of feminine ways but I do have them I like making people laugh I would die for a friend and i that also i get easily frustrated

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This Will be the pleas where I will post all the main dreamer Missions

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    i have both of my wings now

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    Just a spec me to be a little more calm. A little more picky. And absent it to go to top it off.

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    Given it all i got I guess it wasn't enough, and normally I would just give up but this time I feel more enticed to a try little more. So from now until forever I'll try to keep it together. Coz after all ate them with dreams are made of.

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    Thanks for all the favs! :D

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    Thank you for following!
    A bit of a generic compliment, but just display your kindness didn't go unnoticed!

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      Me: Your Amazing I Hade To
      Zion: No Thank You For Your Art
      Tex: No problem
      Ken: Your welcome
      Erik: I got you man