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The Who: (not the band): Greeting fellow Weasyl friends, travelers, and wanderers! You've reached the page of The Dove and of course, my fursona Harkin Dove as well. He goes by either his full name, Harkin Dove, or just Harkin or even as Dove! I'm relatively new to the fandom and the journey has just begun. As for myself, I am just your ordinary college student here in Georgia. I am pursuing my degree in the field of wildlife conservation with a heavy emphasis in environmental education as well as public speaking and relations. And my, I still have quite a ways to go. To even begin to tell you my story, my myriad of whimsical adventures, and even some hidden secrets or two, is all too much to jam-pack into this one profile page. I encourage you to check ask if you are interested in learning more about me. As for my artistic pursuits, I am a writer and photographer by nature and enjoy the views, vistas and inhabitants that make up the world around me.

Avatar is cropped from the lovely work of my commission by Miss-Laceleaf

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Commission Updates: School + Writing Slowness

on 28 February 2017 at 07:05:21 MST

Dear viewers and commissioners,

I hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to post a few updates on my writing progress and how often I crank out my projects. As I've gotten more and more into this semester, I have become inundated with an increasing number of projects and less time to devote to writing as well as leisure activities. Additionally, I've noticed I've been having some difficulty in my writing as well, with some writer's block and general sluggishness in my pacing and my wording. I'm not one to make excuses, but I can't help wondering if my constant research projects and other writing-intensive classes have been sapping my energy a bit. After six stories in a row (working on the 7th now which has taken way too long due to my classes deciding to have all their exams and preliminary research/writing tasks the two weeks before Spring Break. Safe to say, I believe next week (Spring Break) will be productive regarding writing. I hate to keep having to email my patrons and prolong when my pieces are planned to be finished due to schoolwork. All in all, once I finish my day's duties, I feel sapped at times even to write.

One thing I have learned about opening up commissions is one thing that I'm sure many; many artists have encountered on Weasyl. That is the prospect of not taking on too many commissions at one time. I see in hindsight that taking 20 commission slots at one time was honestly not the smartest thing to do. At the start of this year, I was so eager to write for people and build myself in the community that I didn't factor in schoolwork and other responsibilities (especially this being my graduating year). It was naïve and a lesson learned in pacing and abilities. At first, it was around one week, then it became a week and a couple of days, and now I have to stretch it into around two weeks just because of school. I should have opened for a small number of commissions at the start of the summer before school got underway. It would have been better for me, and it wouldn't result in people waiting until a later time to get their stories. Safe to say, people's stories WILL be completed, all 20 of them. I'm not going just to scrap them all together and say "tough luck." folks, that's free service for you. I don't see myself EVER charging for these pieces for this reason altogether; I just don't know how busy I'm going to be and I've found that working on stories back-to-back over a long time-span causes my writing to degrade over time (in my opinion) without a gap in-between. That's probably just a weakness I have as a writer, but it's a weakness to tackle at least. You all have commissioned some great ideas for me to work on and I am truly honored for you all to have the patience with me in getting these done.

Some of you may even be frustrated with this, and I do apologize for it. Again, I have learned a valuable lesson here in taking on fewer commissions and being more thoughtful in how my academic obligation will play a part in it. My current story for YoruDoragon will be completed by the end of the week I am confident because my exams and projects finish Friday before Spring Break. Over the break, I will be getting to work on Bukefalos06's story since I will have MUCH fewer obligations. If anyone has any questions, concerns, or complaints about any of this or what I've written, please feel free to comment below or message me personally. I am here to learn and figure out what works for my schedule. Especially as it pertains to my writing and services, I am here for you and to write what you want. I want to build myself in this community through my short stories and photography. Understanding what works and what I can do better is imperative here on Weasyl, and so I hope to hear from my readers. Thank you again for reading.


Harkin Dove

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Writing & Photography

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Offering free writing for you. yes, you heard me correctly! Here's the scoop!

-SFW (Self-explanatory)
-NSFW (Anything except for: Hard Vore / Blood & Bodily Mutilation / Urine / Scat / Baby Fur Sexual Relations (Age Regression is A-Okay!)
-Original Stories Only: Please no fanfiction of franchises, mangas, movies, TV shows, video games, etc. I want to write about you and your characters. :)

-Stories are completed on a first-come-first-serve basis.
-Depending on the size of the story you want, I will have a date set at which you can expect completion. Size of story is not set but I'm not looking to write a novel.
-Once the story is complete, the commissioner may not alter the story in any way (The author reserves the right to make changes to content if needed but will notify commissioning party first)
-You may post the finished story within your personal Gallery or Scraps folder but please provide a link to the original work. It is much appreciated if you title your submission as:

"Title of Story" [Story by The_Dove]

NOTE TO VIEWERS: Please keep in mind that I am a college student so I do have priorities in my work but I will work as closely with you as possible to complete the work in a timely fashion. I will respond to any and all emails or notes as well so communication will never be an issue with me.

IMPORTANT NOTE: By commissioning a NSFW piece from me, you agree that you are at least of legal age in your place of residence.

Please click here [url=] to go to my Writing Commissions (Harkin's Extended Queue/Waiting List/Submission Form) to fill out your submission.

And lookie here, I also do free photography as well! Here's the deets!

-Any form of photography that may be uploaded to FurAffinity in accordance to the Acceptable Upload Policy:

-Photo services are completed on a first-come-first-serve basis (Travel distance does apply here)
-As of right now, I am only working within the state of Georgia. The closer you are within the North Georgia area, the better! Of course, please send me a note and I'll definitely look into it.
-Once the photo session is complete, I will upload all media following photo processing (i.e. cropping and color correction + sharpening) within a timely matter (most likely within 3 days unless something unexpected occurs; of which I will contact the commissioner immediately).
-You may post the final media product to your personal Gallery or Scraps folder but please provide a link to the original work. it is much appreciated if you title your submission as:

Name of Photo [Photography by The_Dove)

NOTE TO VIEWERS: Please keep in mind that I am a college student so I do have priorities in my work but I will work as closely with you as possible to complete the work in a timely fashion. I will respond to any and all emails or notes as well so communication will never be an issue with me.


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    Lovely photographs! Looking forward to seeing more in the future. :)

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      Thank you so very much for the kind comments! I'll definitely be adding more to my gallery.