Canvas Swap Zine - Preorder Issue 3 - SALE by Temrin

Canvas Swap Zine - Preorder Issue 3 - SALE


18 September 2018 at 13:04:28 MDT

Canvas Swap Zine Issue 3 is now open for PREORDERS! These are at sale price until the issue is released, Oct 1st so don't miss out on the cheap price! All proceeds go back into the project and if we can reach some goals, we will eventually be able to pay the artists and staff that put so much of their time into this every month!

Get your copy at

Issue 3 features Cover Artist Belle Draco and 3 collab artists, yvenly, PK and Nut-Case


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    The artist did a lovely job on that cover! :)

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      That they did ^_^