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CSZ I3 - Ad Sale! Deadline Sept 24th! by Temrin

CSZ I3 - Ad Sale! Deadline Sept 24th!


19 September 2018 at 19:07:16 MDT

Ad space for Canvas Swap issue 3 has been extended until September 24th.

Only a couple spots left so don't miss out! All revenue goes right back into the project to keep it running and if we can start reaching monthly goals, our artists will get bonus payments and our staff can start getting a little back for their efforts.

Don't have a business or venture that could use ads? You can support the project by preordering Issue 3 at or by supporting us at or and getting sweet goodies in return!

Large ads: $20CAD(SALE) / Medium ads: $15CAD /Small ads: $10CAD

Get yours (and templates) at