The Creation of Spotti by Teiirka

The Creation of Spotti


23 June 2013 at 15:24:17 MDT

11" x 21" color pencil

My first commission! Yeah, start out with something more complicated why don't I? 8/

This was not meant to be a parody of "The Creation of Adam" , just an alternate version.

9 months in the works, most of which I was suffering with art block. Got to the mass of kitties and froze up, so many! Tried forcing it off and on and I just couldn't get things how I envisioned. I finally changed the way I looked at it and worked on each character as an individual piece, and did them one at a time. I loosened right up then and worked out easily, areas that had been giving me fits. Some areas were to far along to modify much but thank goodness color pencil can be erased to a point. (a lot of that!) I actually had a lot of fun working on it finally, these last 3 weeks once I got my mind straight.

14 different species of spotted cats represented in this piece. They were not meant to be scaled to one another.

This piece is signed but I will be picking at it for the next few days before I put fixitive to it.

Shot with camera and just couldn't get the fine detailing. color is washed out here.

So many kitties! I'm sick of kitties! No more Kitties for at least a week! I'm starting a Wolf today!:D

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    Very nice indeed. Great work and skill shown here <3

    All you need now is a church roof :P

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      One fresco down, how many hundreds to go? ;)

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      Well dozens really. Hmmm, it would be interesting to recreate each of Michelangelos frescos in anthro form.

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        Be careful for what you wish for. Some people might want that!

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    Wow o.o!

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    Tip in case you don;t know, take your pictures outside in good sunlight t take pictures of them! It will help!

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    Fantastic work!

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    This is just AWESOME!

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    Infinitely better than the original work it was inspired by, where the aftermath can only entail the affairs of adorable felines, and not religious clusterfucks... <3