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I gotta remember to update my journals man, I've done so many videos since the last time.

Flayrah Floundering
In the past months Flayrah has been slowing down a bit; I go into why and why we need to never take those who work hard on something for granted.
I have put my hat in the ring for about a month to try and get articles flowing again, but I have not heard back from GreenReaper.

Furry Amino - A parody ad
I'm being a goof here as I see a lot of prominent furry YouTube channels doing advertisement for this application. I decided to sell out as well and do my own ad; even if they didn't ask for it.

Coyotl Awards
I go over the Coyotl winner; particularly an anthology I had put work into had gotten the award for anthology of the year. A quicker video.

Millennials are killing the Republican Party
I go over the results of a Marist poll in early August that shows that it's not just the diamond industry that the millennials are killing. It may also be the "elephants" in our political system.

NY Mag article on Furry Artists
An article on the NY Magazine website goes over the unique atmosphere our fandom has for artists and the demand it creates for artists. I ramble a bit about the history between our artists and their customers.

Tantroo Plays - Armello
I play a single game of Armello; go over the games strengths and weaknesses, and have some fun!

Remember to get the latest videos in the quickest fashion; follow my twitter at

2 videos a week is what I'll probably be staying at: One on Friday and one on Saturday. One dealing with fandom and the 'real world' (unless like this week the real world gives me an excuse to do two fandom videos ;} )

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