Root-Canal in Toon-Town by betsy

Root-Canal in Toon-Town


12 November 2014 at 00:47:26 MST

Commission for seizthemoment
True story! Poor Bocian recently went through a root canal procedure...hopefully it's not as excruciating as I imagine THIS is!

Bocian and Yotie of course belong to Bocian and Yotie!

As anyone ever seen such a sinister looking Yotie?? I certainly haven't.

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    Aww, poor guy! I'll save him! D:
    *chews on electrical wire in the hopes that it'll stop the massive, sinister drill*
    x.x; :P

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      Well, I suppose at the very least, I could recommend seeing another dentist next time, buuuuut…99% of the dentists in Toon Town are evil, and 99% of the dentists outside Toon Town aren't qualified to work on toons, so…tough luck, I guess. o3o

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    Holy cow this is amazing!! Yes, another toon town root canal. Amazing how toons don't require any local anesthesia (who knew :-p). One has to have a passion for LOUD drilling, laughing gas and sharp pointy objects and the willingness to operate on others. So, Naturally the dental surgeon is Yotie. There's going to be a lot of sparks in 3-2-1 . . .

    Yes, I figured this was a fun idea after hearing about Bocian having to go through a procedure recently. I've had one before and they're not the greatest. Bocian and Yotie are cool people and have a couple awesome characters.

    Thanks so much for the awesomeness here Betsy! :D

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    Awesome..the art I mean (I had a root canal that didn't help and the tooth had to be extracted, ugh..) Very fun expressions and poses.

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    Come on Bocian, take it like a man. Err, like a bunny.

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    Steve Martin must be the voice actor (visa vi Little Shop of Horrors)

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    Ah, the expressions here are just marvellous! Man, everything here is just hilarious!

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    The composition, expressiveness of the faces and poses, even body parts as the hands and paws, this is just awesome :D