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Goldbrow Bust by Taesolieroy

Goldbrow Bust


Second piece drawn that really got me into working shadows by drawing the light. Not happy with the eyes and lights on his cheek ridge - they didn't come out as bright as I would like.

Originally I wanted the shadows to be more pronounced to make it seem as if he's looming out of the darkness. However, I started catching on that colors spanning a smaller tone gradient doesn't necessarily work very well with wax-based pencils, as evidenced by the stroke patch on the neck segment >_>;

So a little explanation for this character.. Goldbrow is a member of a race that's been kicking around for a few years as notes and sketches. Their info is about 70% complete (cultural lore and such still needs to be worked on). This guy in particular is a member of a subspecies of biomechanical creatures heavily influenced by modern day rollercoasters with a bit of an explanatory background as to how they came into existence on their isolated little world (it has to do with nanites and a haywire satellite). GB himself is a bit of an arse in general, even for a regular-class Steelie. He doesn't tolerate what he considers 'lesser' Raelkin in his territory, such as all species of Wooden-types, dwarf species, and monos (monorail-based body plan - herbivores). A good deal of that ego is his pride in being the strongest Steelie in the area, though he tends to lay low when a Giga-type or Royal comes through. He is not above consuming a Wooden Raelkin that wanders too far into his territory, even though the idea of picking splinters from his jaws afterwards is distasteful.

This was also done on a 6"X6" piece of black cardstock as a kind of bust illustration sample.

Artwork, Character, and Species (c) 2015- L "Taesolieroy" Monroe

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