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Under Moonlight by Taesolieroy

Under Moonlight


During nights where I had little time to do full on commission work, I started poking at a new stance on pencil art to break my need of 'have to save these, they're expensive pencils!!!" (Prismacolor).

The general graininess of pencils always bugged me for color work, and I was ever baffled by how smooth and detailed some of the more experienced artists can be with this medium. I figured a good part of it is the paper used.

In this case I used generic black cardstock paper to play around with shading. This was the first of several pieces, and doesn't really push into the shadowplay as much as I'd care for. I do have to say I'm a bit satisfied with this being my first 'monocrhomatic' piece using the same set of pencils for every element. I am aware anatomy is rather.. doofy, as this wasn't a perspective I normally fussed with, but hey, it's an orca bull visiting a rock shore since I have yet to see any art of them engaging in the essential practice of scratching themselves.

I am considering offering this type of artwork up for commissionable items once I post the other samples I've drawn up to showcase the different dimensions and styles. This would be for a 6" X 6" piece. I'll be posting these in order of creation so you can see the progress in learning through them.

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