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A Beautiful Russian Winter by SpetsnazKaz (critique requested)

A Beautiful Russian Winter (critique requested)


Прекрасные Русская 3има - A Beautiful Russian Winter

MOSCOW, RUSSIA; DECEMBER 21, 1991- The sky is just getting dark above the streets of Red Square, and the whole city is quiet. Few are seen walking along these cold, cobblestone roads, blanketed deep in fresh snow. Beacons of light can be seen from the skyline ahead and some streetlights nearby. In the distance, all there was to see was the lights from the city, as the view was covered in fog. From there, a tall, dark figure walked the streets so late at night, leaving his large pawprints in the snow. He was dressed from head to toe in dark clothing, appearing as a shadow as he trailed by. Beside him stood the Kremlin, lit up for the night. The faint lights gave off a golden glow, as the facade of the building was deep yellow. Atop the dome of the Kremlin stands a single flagpole bearing the red banner of the USSR. It's lit a lot brighter than the rest of the square, having a sort of symbolism being flown at half-mast. But there he stood, mystified by the sight of the deep red flag in the cold blue sky. And he turned around and spoke to it, "Our next chapter starts here, and we will never forget the sacrifice of our ancestors in this great land bestowed to us." He walked away in silence, dressed in the formal attire of the KGB of a generation ago. "Mother Russia, can't you hear me too?"

Wonderful bust icon of Mishya dressed for the winter, as today marks the official start of the season. Out of all my bust icons in my gallery, (and ever drawn) this is my favorite and most emotional. I put my heart and soul into this piece, as I wanted to depict something historical and wintery at the same time. And consider this forward momentum in my art soon to come, as I am soon to post holiday-themed artwork as well as trades/gift art for others. And here's to you wishing you a Happy Holiday season and good fortune for the New Year.

С Новым Годом!

Mishya Kaz © SpetsnazKaz

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