Last Flight of Winter by SpetsnazKaz (critique requested)

Last Flight of Winter (critique requested)


31 December 2014 at 23:23:56 MST

Последний полет зимой - Last Flight of Winter

Yes I know this picture is really fucking late for the date I hoped to post it, but sadly, I was busy and tired this holiday weekend to do so. And I have other pictures I'd like to post soon, but this will probably be my last picture of December, and of the year. Most likely everything I've done around the holidays, will be posted in January, around Orthodox Christmas. Keep an eye out for those.

SMOLENSK, RUSSIA; DECEMBER 25th, 1991 - The end of the day came close, a great fleet being called back to the base in advance, seeing as the brutal cold would soon roll in. Each of the jets were meticulously placed back into their hangars, to be locked up safely for the night. Here, one could see the sky getting dark within minutes; snowflakes poured from the sky and blanketed the airfield in a layer of snow. Members of the crew were quick to react, having spent long hours at the airfield . Its tallest crew member walked the barren straits of the vast airfield, padding the snow before entering another jet to steer towards the hangars. Her hair was a shimmering yellow, shining bright like a ray of sunshine in the wintery landscape, greatly contrasting her dark face and cold blue eyes. She had a tired look in her eyes, as she was of old age, having been a loyal member to this airfield for years. A seasoned veteran, able to retire from service, looking to the future of Russia's aviation. With a lasting glance at the MiGs, she paid her farewells, like a mother seeing her children grow up and depart from the family. Her head peered down as she walked away from the planes, calmly saying to herself, "We will never be frozen to the snow; we are the backbone to support our great future." Those large paws of hers treaded the snow as she trailed back into the unknown.

Seeing how I made a bust shot of Mishya for the wintertime, I decided one for Larissa was fitting as well. Like Mishya, I wanted to make a great emotional piece, showing off their winter uniforms. Once again, I added the unique little snow effect in the last picture, only this time I photofiltered it a little bit to bring out the black fur in Larissa's face. And the plane in the background was the hardest thing to draw, modeled after this one, as its coloration fit the whole winter theme just perfectly. The MiG-29 is her favorite plane, and she takes good care of it when she's flying one.

Once again, I'm wishing you all a happy and safe New Year, hoping it will be better than the last year and you may fulfill your goals. :cuddle:

С Новым Годом!

Larissa Kaz © SpetsnazKaz

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