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Little Miss Karen by SpetsnazKaz

Little Miss Karen


1 November 2014 at 12:47:51 MDT

Маленькая мисс Карен - Little Miss Karen

Considering we have already seen a picture of a young Mishya from his youth, then it would make sense to have a picture for Karen from that same time period.

USTRADA, CHECHENYA; 1896 - We were just a small city situated in the valley of the Caucasus region. The next closest city was Solzha-Gala, (Grozhny) which was mostly familiar to the locals. Together, we were a people of transiency, considering this was the only land we knew, greatly separated from the Russian mainland. Few traveled beyond its borders, and were subject to a whole new culture different from our own. The landscape we've come to know and love was our greatest friend, one who didn't discriminate, yet it showed the long, cold history of this land. Winters were brutal in the valley, lasting for about seven or eight months of the year, as our hardy folk put aside our differences to brave each coming of Winter's chilling glare. Time was never on our side as we long awaited the coming of the much warmer spring and summer, only for the same to happen another year. From this, I have learned to live amongst a varied array of people from all different ways of life, just to stay alive in this land. Of course, I rarely got to know my true family, as they passed away not too long ago. From there, I became a traveler; a free spirit if you will, seeking love and comfort from strangers wherever I go. Some of the traditions I've adopted helped shape me as an individual, often times straying far from the norm. So it wasn't unusual that some people never understood anything beyond their own lifestyles, and labeled me an outsider. Which is why I learned to live alone on most occassions, maturing myself at a rapid pace. How I envy the Tsar and his family, friends, and close-knit individuals who had life easy. They were born into luxury, happiness, and respect; something I rarely knew myself. Yet it rarely matters how bad I wish for them to see my perspective, they'll just turn their noses up at me and my neighbors, hanging onto their creature comforts with dear life, refusing to let go.

Whatever the cost, I wish to unite our people, not separate them based on money, status, religion, or culture.... we need to learn that we are all to be treated as equals with the same purpose on this Earth: understanding why we are meant to be where we are today.

I've tried to make her look young, around six or seven years old, but may have failed, considering she looks more like an old babushka lady than a little kid. And I don't think I've nailed the "kitten" look either. :hmm:
Bonus points for me having the patience of drawing the ornate detail on her babushka, as she is meant to symbolize a matryoshka figure.

Yekatrina Dresvayin/Karen Blackstone © SpetsnazKaz
My signature's hidden again...dammit. :X

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