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Little Kaz by SpetsnazKaz

Little Kaz


14 October 2014 at 20:53:32 MDT

Mаленький Каз - Little Kaz

We now interrupt your viewing of the sexy pics of Valentina to bring you a young Mishya, in the time before the Soviet Union along with some historical context.

YALTA, CRIMEA; 1896 - 'Twas a wonderful time in the history of our great land. I was cordially invited to the christening of the new Imperial yacht, the Standart. All the members of the nobility, including the royal family showed up to this great event, to be remembered for generations to come. Appearing at the docks for the first time, I was in amazement at it's grandeur and beauty, with shades of red and white, gleaming in the sunlight. Much unlike anything I've ever seen before, let alone anyone else in Russia, this was the king of all ships, greater than all the yachts which came before it. With a mass celebration, the ship's captain cut the ribbon and let us all aboard. Inside was a thing of beauty, much like entering a heavenly palace full of life. Above us hung golden chandeliers, glimmering in the light, ornate marble statues of angels, beautiful artisan-crafted walls and floors, bouquets of flowers on every table; a room built with divinities in mind. I couldn't help to walk around for a while before being called to dinner. Taking a seat at the dining table with all the guests, we begin the banquet with a wonderful tea party, courtesy of the ship's crew. The tea was served with biscuits and cookies. Next, we take a dine into a wonderful three-course meal, as prepared by the royal cooks. Salmon, beef stroganoff, pork with glaze, roast duck, cranberry jelly, and mixed nuts. We then raised our glasses in a toast to the captain, crew, and royal family. And for dessert, we had a beautifully prepared cake, stacked high above our heads, made with the freshest fruits and icing. This was the best day of my life, as I got to spend the night here, fully refreshed for the next day.

Of course it wasn't long before my life had changed forever....

I got the inspiration for this from a vintage photograph of Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov from around the time of this real, historical event.

I've drawn this in pencil and added a frame with photo filter to give it that certain vintage feel. The text on his hat says Штандартъ (Standart) in case you were wondering. And yes, he has both of his eyes here. :3

Mishya Kaz © SpetsnazKaz
My signature's in there somewhere.... you gotta find it though.

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