Ruby Priestess by Sparkyopteryx

Ruby Priestess


31 January 2013 at 19:30:36 MST

A portrait that I had the urge to do the other day, specifically of a character of mine that has existed for oh uh, several years. At least three or four. So?! I have mentioned in the past I have a ton of characters I've never drawn, so really I don't need to catch flak for this! Hmph.

This time I'm not actually in the mood for a lengthy description, so I'm keeping it short. She's the High Priestess of a race of monstrous planar outsiders known as Xibalbans. For those of you familiar with Mayan mythology, her race and their plane are indeed heavily inspired by it. It's actually a race the significant other made and he's got a whole dissertation written up that I'm planning to help illustrate, so more details will be forthcoming from that. She's not a specific type of bat, by the way; more like several features of her were inspired from a couple species, mainly the Greater Spear-nosed bat and the Sword-nosed bat (I'm not making that up, by the way; bats are just that awesome).

Well, that's enough messing around for me; time to start working on a more serious project. Sketched with a blue colored pencil then outlined with red, blue and purple ballpoints on heavy Aquabee paper. Some references used. Art and character are mine, race concept created by the other half.

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    I fucking love her headdress.

    Unfortunately I wouldn't win in a fight over it.

    I think you did a great job with her, and when you've got the time you should do a full-body picture.

    Need I repeat that I can't believe I never thought of the ear and nose tattoos?

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      No, no you wouldn't. You'd be bleeding out of the eyes and nose in no time flat!

      Yeah I plan to; I got some rad ideas for how I'm going to do her clothing and jewelry.

      I know right? It was something I thought would be perfect for her while I was in the prelim sketch phase, and it shows off her status very well. COVER EVERY INCH OF SKIN WITH TATS.

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    Bat comes through very clear, the decorations are reminicent of Mayan so everything you were trying to express came through. The odd color mix gives it an earie look. Nice!

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      Thanks very much for the comment! I originally was going to completely erase the pencil undersketch, but I found the pen blended well with it and kept it, plus the pencil gives it this kind of rough energy that complements the ballpoint lines...

      Yeah, the Mayan-inspired ornamentation is strong, but I also wanted to keep it a little different and a little more fantasy-oriented instead of keeping it historically accurate this time around.

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    What a gorgeous character you have there and that headdress is well detailed with the design on them. <3

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    Wonder what it would look like under old style 3D glasses?