At the Campfire by Sparkyopteryx

At the Campfire


26 December 2014 at 10:49:06 MST

Seems like there's something or someone disturbing Oort's brief bit of quietude. Probably that infuriating, overly talkative Norn they keep running into...

My final contribution to the stack of art and art-related faff that I have produced for the year 2014, and I think it makes a mighty fine high point to the end of it. I actually had this done on Christmas Eve but since shortly after I finished I got caught up in the revelry I did not have enough free time to submit it. I even considered waiting another day or two but admittedly I was a bit too excited to submit it.

My verdict: How did I not switch to Copic markers earlier?! These things blend so effortlessly it's intuitive. I layer like crazy though and after a while they can get a little spotty on my smooth Bristol but honestly I'm not bothered by that because the trade-off is that the surface is so easy to work on. I expect I will be gradually using more and more of this medium, and since I got a big pad of Bristol for Christmas yesterday, this is a certainty. For the first truly ambitious piece using marker and strong lighting, I think I did pretty well. No critique on this one please; perhaps on subsequent future experiments. Looks like I didn't ruin the lines after all.

Done on 9x12 smooth Bristol with Copic Ciao and Sketch markers over multiliner. Character and art is mine but all intellectual rights and copyrights belong to Guild Wars 2 and ArenaNet.

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    I can almost hear that sound of Bull's Charge going off...

    Anyway, this picture came out excellent! Everything about him looks great and I'm glad to see the lines survived, you really should do more GW2 art for funsies.

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      We haven't gotten to that stage yet. Right now it's just teeth grinding in an attempt at self-control.

      Oh I intend to. I'd be kinda cool to hold a limited commission run for 'em actually; I find the game's races and overall aesthetics great fun to render. Still intent on finishing that portrait of Clove for you.

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        Well that won't last long.

        That would be kind of cool actually, and I definitely look forward to seeing it!

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          Probably not, if that buffoon insists on schmoozing and small talk with Clove for any length of time.

          I'd be neat if I could, yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if I end up getting mostly Charr characters, considering the demographic, haha.

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            You know her favorite line is "And now, to destroy you!"

            HAH! That being said though I'd love to see you get more Sylvari and Asura but then biases you know.

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              Biases indeed. I'd be happy as a clam if it were those two races exclusively, but for the record I do love Charr and Norn as well. Humans are well, alright. I wouldn't be able to help but think of their dorky Bart Simpson lines the entire time while drawing them though.