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Couriers by Sparkyopteryx



1 December 2012 at 12:20:57 MST

Finally finished with this little personal project! Its been gnawing at my brain since October but I had to keep putting it off. This took an inordinate amount of time to do; the sketching and especially the inking and coloring. I've become giddily obsessed with ballpoints now but damn, rendering detail takes quite a long time with this media. Now I can finally start working on my commissions with this out of the way.

So yes! The chica on the left is my new character, Ursula "UV" Kilgour. I have quite a bit of backstory and personality built around her already (I'll submit more of that here either with a reference or on Weasyl & Nabyn). The dude on the right is my partner's character, Nathan "Gank" Gallagher. Obviously we made these guys as a pair (it wouldn't be the first time). There is no such thing as having too many bat characters, if you ask me. UV is based jointly off of the Short-nosed fruit bat and the Spectacled fruit bat (for her markings) whereas Gank got his inspiration from Straw-colored fruit bats. There is a lot of detail behind the geneware and cybernetics they're sporting, but like I said: I'm gonna save that for another submission.

An experiment not only in pose perspective (I think I did well...) but also how my Staedtler pigment liners look with ballpoint. It looks alright, but then again I also wasn't getting terribly serious on the inking with the liners, so the lines aren't terribly crisp. Scan chewed up the ballpoints here and there where there was lots of dark ink, but it still came out decent.

Done on 9x12 Aquabee heavyweight sketch paper with various colored ballpoints, Staedtler pigment liners and Prismacolor markers. Characters belong to myself and the other half.