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Molly 'n Foley faces 3/3 by Sparkyopteryx

Molly 'n Foley faces 3/3


20 April 2013 at 19:38:36 MDT

Final page of doodles of this crazy pair, but not the end of the submission flood (bear with me). This is my favorite of the bunch as I love how I did all of their expressions; it was also after I had gotten the hang of sketching them like this and was a lot more relaxed and free about it, therefore they look much better (in my opinion).

...Do I even need to explain what is happening in the left doodle? I didn't think so (their faces are priceless, by the way). I got a right good mental drubbing when I drew the Molly face on the top right despite me laughing through the entire sketching process. Lots of giggling when I was drawing the Foley expression on the bottom; it's the face he makes when Molly quite suddenly and without warning grabs his tail (she doesn't do it often at least). She gets in trouble every time she does this.

Page 1 here

Page 2 here

Done with a (new) Pilot Fineliner with no references. Molly belongs to myself while Foley is MisterMidnight

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    It's okay, those two expressions tend to lead into each other in an endless perpetuation. And this is why they are cartoon characters.

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      Oh gods yes it's an endless cycle of chasing each other around the couch.