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Z1-9 Reference pg. 1 by Sparkyopteryx

Z1-9 Reference pg. 1


26 February 2017 at 17:39:09 MST

Z1-9 (“Zee” for short)
Class: Extraterrestrial Cryptid (specifically Hopkinsville goblin).

Page 2 here.

I shall type up all of the info on the sheet below (and some additional info) in the case that some of you can’t read my handwriting so well:

Natural physiological traits:

  • Skin other than on the face and hands are featureless, with no creases, wrinkles or any variability and is hairless. Skin otherwise looks and feels organic, save that it has a luster similar to satin-finish pewter.
  • Ears are not actually his primary hearing mechanism, and he does not have any discernible ear canal openings. Instead he “hears” through vibrations picked up on the surface of his skin. His ears simply increase the surface area for which to pick up sonic vibrations.
  • As a direct result of above point, he never wears shirts. He’ll be decent for others by wearing pants and sometimes the coat but covering up fully is akin to aural deafness for him.
  • Three-toed feet have no toenails, soles are slightly tacky and can stick to many surfaces.
  • Possesses charcoal-grey gums and tongue. Inner flesh, muscle and the like are also this same dark grey color.

Misc. other appearance and vanity traits:

  • Missing his upper-left incisor.
  • Usually wears oxidized nails as talon gauge piercings (can substitute other metal objects). Second set also generally made from scrounged materials. As long as the alloy is at least 60% ferrous or is glass he doesn’t get piercing infections from these.
  • Eyes always glow. It’s possible he can “turn them off” but how his eyes look otherwise remains a mystery.
  • Black denim coat is worn regularly, always unbuttoned. Hardware/embellishments that are always present: Claw spikes on shoulders, brass studs along back and the blue eye enamel “pin,” which upon closer inspection moves and blinks like an actual eye. Additional hardware, patches or other embellishments may be added by the artist to taste.
  • Prefers black or grey jeans, leather or PVC pants. Also likes certain patterns such as stripes or bleach staining. He uses careful applications of his matter reconstruction abilities to alter clothing to be able to fit his bizarre proportions.

Submission Information

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    I love this guy's ears, grin and jacket! The impish vibe is great~

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      Thank you very much! I swear all my best character designs are the ones that just sort of come to me suddenly with no forethought or concepting.