Updated Topaz Reference by Sparkyopteryx

Updated Topaz Reference


28 September 2016 at 23:53:12 MDT

If this looks oddly barebones, that's kind of the point.

Here is the full Imgur album with all relevant up-to-date reference images of her with explanations. This album keeps everything all collected and in one spot but I'll still copypaste the description for this image here:

  • She is an avianoid race native to the plane of Alteir known as L'tahr. All L'tahr have an attunement and affinity for a particular element and their colors, temperament and physiognomy vary depending on said attunement. Topaz here is of the electricity/electromagnetic variety.

  • They have physical traits in common to varying degrees with birds, saurians, and pterosaurs but are not merely "hybrids" or chimeras, they're their own race.

  • Due to their moderately deep keelbones and powerful chest muscles and wide shoulders, their default stance is forward-leaning with a bit of bend in their knees. When walking fast or sprinting they tuck their wings tight against their sides with their gait vaguely resembling that of certain ratites or saurian raptors.

  • All L'tahr can generate various elemental effects based on their attunement. In this case Topaz can use it to create localized electrical fields, employ offensive abilities like EMP attacks or lightning and various other effects.

    • Topaz is a highly accomplished inventor and scientist, constantly pushing the limits of Alteiran magitech. She's especially adept at mechanics and animism (the scientific discipline of building/understanding golems, automatons and other constructs).

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    She sounds like she'd be neat to meet and visit with, and given I'm something like a golem, she might also be interested in hanging out with me. (^^>